Customized Healthcare travel – Unique business model for cab providers

Uber and Lyft, who are leading players in cab service in US has piloted a new service to cater the healthcare travel need. Lyft piloted this first and now Uber has launched a new service model called Uber Health. The main focus is to act on behalf of Health care provider and patient and cater their transportation needs.

This is an unique business proposition for Asian market, Taking India as a case study, the support needed for senior citizens to go for regular checkup is a huge. Relying purely on ordinary cab provider may not cater the need. Special vehicles with basic healthcare support (this is not an ambulance, but not just a regular car ride – Somewhere in between) that are tied up with Hospitals , Diagnostic centers and health care providers. This will be a beneficial for healthcare providers too. Managing a fleet and logistics solutions for each healthcare providers will be an overkill. Where as, if the fleet and logistics management is managed by providers like Ola, Uber or Lyft will help both the Healthcare providers and the consumer.

The tieup and special purpose transport will be used primarily to shuttle patients across Health care providers. Ability to connect right dianostic centers, Scan center, Regular checkup, Physio and other healthcare needs in an optimal way will help patients, care provider and Logistics partner. This is a good win win across all stake holders.
The transport should cater to the health care need and help in easy onboarding of the patients with special needs. There are some proof of concept and community or geography specific solution in India. Making it part of the larger pool will help in catering the need and make in sustainable.
If you look at the business model, it does not stop at healthcare alone. The same model can be applied for Schools, Colleges and small companies. Ability to provide transport solutions that are time specific and location specific will help in reducing the cost and make it quicker to travel from source to destination.
The uber health will be good initiative for senior citizen and the model can be scaled in other locations of Asia.

Customized Healthcare travel – Unique business model for cab providers
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