Citrus pay partners with HPCL to promote cashless payments

A leading player in the field of consumer payments and mobile banking solutions, Citrus Pay, has made a PAN – India partnership with HPCL to enable HPCL’s customers pay smartly and cashlessly for HPCL gas cylinders. Citrus Pay was acquired by Nasper’s PayU in September, 2016 and is now a part of PayU India. HPCL’s customers will now receive an SMS the day their gas cylinder is out for delivery. They may follow the link in the SMS to pay online for their gas cylinder via credit or debit cards, net banking or Citrus Pay wallet. Mobile wallet transactions have observed a significant increase post the demonetization move. The money in the mobile wallet of Citrus Pay can now be used to pay for the LPG gas cylinder supplied by HPCL. Additionally, daily commuters halting at HPCL petrol pumps for fuel refills will be able to pay for fuel via automated QR Codes or POS machines, using their Citrus Pay or PayU mobile wallet. Read more on Partnerships

Commenting on the partnership with HPCL, MD of PayU India, Jitendra Gupta said, “We are excited to associate with HPCL and extend the cause of cashless economy, offering complete easy and convenience to users. The association works in the favor of the users in two ways: firstly, it intimates users the moment the cylinder is out for delivery via an SMS. Secondly, the same SMS also carries link for digital payments, including the mobile wallet by Citrus Pay and users will receive an invoice of the entire transaction online. We are fully committed to the Government of India’s initiative of driving a cashless economy and this is a significant step enabling 50 million consumers to go cashless”.

“Additionally, users may now utilize the money already stored in their Citrus Pay or PayU mobile wallet to pay for the fuel at every HPCL petrol bunk located across India. The payments are incredibly secured, with the POS being supported by OTP triggered validation. Owing to the pragmatic benefits, we are affirmative a majority of users would make the most of this development”, Jitendra Gupta further added.

In tune with Jitendra Gupta’s comments, HPCL commented, “At HPCL, we are constantly in pursuit of opportunities to make the lives of our valued customers easier. We have a customer base of 57 million and it is growing by the day. We believe our association with Citrus Pay is a step in the same direction, since the users will now be well-informed via the SMS Invoicing Solution rendered by Citrus Pay along with their mobile wallet integration, further allowing them to pay online via Citrus Pay wallet, one of the cashless methods being offered by HPCL. We are hopeful that our users will appreciate the latest development and extensively utilize the same”.

These days, if the customer is not present at his or her home, gas cylinder deliveries are cancelled because the delivery boys are unable to collect payments for the cylinder from the customer. But by enabling online or mobile wallet payments for cylinder deliveries, even customers who are not present in their homes at the time of cylinder deliveries can pay for their cylinders online and request their neighbors to collect the cylinders on their behalf. They can then collect the cylinders from their neighbors upon returning home. This way cylinder delivery will not be cancelled if the customers are not at their homes and customers need not book and wait for another two weeks for the next cylinder to be delivered. This gives a lot of convenience to the customers and saves a lot of their time. It’s a very good move by PayU and HPCL and will mutually benefit both the companies. Read more on Startup News

Citrus pay partners with HPCL to promote cashless payments
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