Big companies rush to build Zoom alternatives

Covid-19 impacted businesses in negative ways but one business is seeing this as an opportunity. With many IT employees around the globe working from home, video conferencing apps like Zoom became very important to keep up the productivity. Demand for Zoom app spiked over 1000% every day making it the top downloaded the app from google play stores.

However, growth went spiraling down as there were many privacy and security concerns raised by It experts about potential hacking vulnerability in Zoom Video. Meanwhile, hackers keep around 50000 user records for sales including passwords and private data on the dark web.

Seeing this as an opportunity many big companies including Google and Facebook released their own Zoom Alternatives. Facebook video conference tool is named as messenger rooms while Google named it as google meets.

There are already close to 50 alternatives to zoom, while most of them are free with limited features, Some of them are paid. It is evident that remote work is going to stay for a long time and people need collaboration and productivity tools to stay connected while working from home.

Indian companies have also launched multiple video conferencing apps, Namstey app which is in beta already garnered 500000+ users. Here is a list of alternatives to Zoom

Big companies rush to build Zoom alternatives
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