10 Best Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

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In the current times of digital communication, mobile apps play a great role in the life of an entrepreneur. With so many things to do and get a lot of work done in 24 hours, entrepreneurs can’t help being multitasking guys. It is a set of right mobile apps that helps them with time management, team collaboration, tracking project status, etc. I handpicked 10 best mobile apps for entrepreneurs in 2016. I am sure these apps will empower you and make your life easier.

Pocket Analytics

It is a very useful mobile app for entrepreneurs having websites. You may have SEO personnel to track your website’s daily analytics and report the stats to you. At times, you need to personally access and track the website’s analytics during a meeting or a signing a business deal. With Pocket Analytics installed on your smartphone, you can easily track your website’s performance through a customized dashboard with charts.


One of the best free apps for small business entrepreneurs, Producteev helps with delegation of tasks. Using this mobile app, you can delegate tasks to employees, set deadlines, track the progress and get reports on project status. Producteev integrates filtering options which enable you to see how busy your employees are in a current project before assigning a new project to them.


Evernote is one of the few apps that have eased the lives of entrepreneurs. This cloud based app facilitates sharing, editing and viewing from anywhere and at anytime by syncing all user devices. With this app, you don’t need to access two or three devices at a time. Available for download on major mobile platforms, Evernote helps to add notes and scan items quickly. To say precisely, you can replace your personal assistant with Evernote.


It is a task sharing app for iPhone users. Any.Do comes with a simple interface that is sensitive to both speech and typing. You can prioritize your tasks on this app and share tasks with others even when you are logged in to a social media account. The app has an alarm to alert you about a particular task at the specified time. The app can be synced with other devices so that you can add external notes to it.


It is often troublesome to keep receipts of your expenses safe during business trips. Receipts are necessary to claim reimbursement from the business account and track office expenses at the same time. What if some receipts are lost? Among the mobile apps for entrepreneurs, Expensify is the best solution to get out of such hassles. Take pictures of receipts using the phone camera and save them as digital records in Expensify. It’s that simple!


Recruitment is a herculean task and a time-consuming process. It involves screening resumes, tracking applicants and fixing interviews. All these tasks can be streamlined by one mobile app and that is Recruiterbox. Yes, it will ease the entire hiring process and reduce the load of manual paper work on you. Using the app, entrepreneurs can put all resumes in one place and observe each applicant’s progress. To say precisely, Recruiterbox is the best assistant to hiring professionals.

Priority Matrix by Appfluence

This is free on the app store. Priority Matrix helps entrepreneurs keep track of everything that they have going on as well as prioritize using their quadrant system. Using the system, entrepreneurs (and normal people) can create multiple projects to keep tasks organized, manage personal tasks, and tasks for work, set task due dates and sync them with their calendar, upload files, and more.


Flowdock is one of the best communication and collaboration apps for entrepreneurs. Integrating a number of chat and inbox tools, it facilitates real time collaboration of team members in projects. The best advantage is that the app is compatible with most of the mobile platforms and browsers. Using Flowdock, you can drag and drop files, share and upload files, browse activities of team members, etc. The app sends instant notifications to the team whenever there is any change in the project so that they can work on it without delay.


Entrepreneurs are always on the hunt for new ideas. Reading is the best food for thought. All successful entrepreneurs are passionate about reading. Undeniably, a well-read mind is a powerhouse of ideas and thoughts. Audible is the best app for those who find it difficult to manage time for reading books. Using the app on your smartphone, you can listen to the stories of your favorite authors while traveling or lying in bed or working at desk.


Only entrepreneurs know how important a business card is. They exchange business cards during conferences and events. What if you forget to carry your business card pack? It means loss of many opportunities to build contacts and causes embarrassment if someone asks for your business card. CamCard does not let it happen. With CamCard app on your smartphone, you can save and use digital business card. You can share it with new contacts through emails and chats. CamCard is free for download on iPhones, but it costs for download on other mobile platforms.

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