Apple iPhone’s financial app rolls out special ‘Trump’ trigger

Ever since Donald Trump was elected as the President of the US in the 2016, US Presidential elections, he has become notorious for giving rash comments on various topics like China, North Korea, Boeing etcetera. The trend now is that when Donald Trump tweets or comments about a company, listed in the stock exchange, the market listens and reacts! Recently, Donald Trump had criticized Boeing for pricing the Air Force One jumbo jet so high. The company’s stock price immediately fell by 2%! Apple has taken cue from this incident and has rolled out a special ‘Trump trigger’ in its financial app. If the users have purchased any stock which Trump has commented about, the ‘Trump trigger’ prompts users to sell that stock/s immediately as its prices are sure to fall! This move by Apple has evoked mixed responses from the US citizens. Some are bemused; some find this tip useful while trading stocks and some people are angry that the President has been mocked in such a way. Read more on Donald Trump

The people who trade with the US stocks are definitely appreciative of the ‘Trump trigger’. It helps them avoid financial loss, when Trump comments about a company. Apart from the Trump trigger, Apple iPhone’s financial app also provides other useful financial information and facilities. For example, one can see the 52 week high and 52 week low of stocks, its prices (line graph) over the past one year, its expected price for the next week, financial advice on what to do with the stock, you can set a trigger to buy or sell a stock when its price reaches a certain level among so many other facilities. So far, Donald Trump has tweeted about companies from Apple to Amazon to AT&T and that’s just the A’s!

I personally find the ‘Trump trigger’ very amusing. iPhone’s financial app is perhaps the first app in the world to notify its users about worldly events apart from financial information. Donald Trump is the first president in the world to have a trigger named after him! His rash comments have ‘triggered’ a very unusual but useful response. He has so far not shown any signs of becoming the revolutionary leader that people hoped. He’s acting more like a clown than the President of the USA. Read more on Startup News

Apple iPhone’s financial app rolls out special ‘Trump’ trigger
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