Digital Skin Invented by Japaneses Scientist

Digital or Bionic Skin Invented at University of Tokyo

So far the discussion about Robots and machines learning came to an extent of digital brain and huge data based decision making which we call as artificial intelligence. Imagine a day where robots can have sense of touch and Pain and they respond with felling. Is it sounding like Terminator or iRobot movie sequence where will smith gets annoyed by the humanely behavior of Humanoid Sonny. With the latest developments in technology the days are not far away.

A Japanese researcher Takao Someya, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Tokyo, has invented world first digital skin alias bionic skin. It is also awarded as “Best Inventions of 2005” by Time Magazine.

Now in 2016 things gets more reality, where her inventions are being examined in real environment outside lab. This skin which looks like a plastic tattoo with digitally embedded wiring is actually much better than origianl skin. While our skin can just feel sense of touch and pain, This Digital skin can also feel pressure, Temperature which can be transmitted to the brain using neuro transmitters.

The applications for this technology is far beyond our imagination.

Some applications can be

  1. Robotics
  2. Artificial Skin for burn victims
  3. Medical Diagnostic kits
  4. Wearable Medical Devices

Gear up for the future, it will take few years for the product to come out after succesful clinic trials.

Our future looking much digitized and in a way we are not just building robots we are making ourselves in to robots by adding digital enhancements.

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