YellowBulbs is a platform to reach out to marketing specialists

A clutch of medium and small creative agencies, flying on the wings of their ideas, are looking to build startup and SME brands, which in turn are hungry for marketing ideas that cut through the clutter. The missing link was a platform that brought creative minds together and allowed start-ups, SMEs and established businesses too to reach out to these brand specialists who could provide marketing solutions to them at a fraction of the costs traditionally associated with marketing activities. Vivek and Nehal Modi, a husband-wife duo, spotted the need for this platform called Yellow Bulbs ( and they swiftly moved in to fill the void.

They are a progeny of the digital age and believe that technology has shrunk the distance between brands and brand marketers. YellowBulbs is an effort to aggregate these marketing specialist agencies and experts and create an online B2B marketplace that helps new age brands interact with marketing experts. They help start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) make their acquaintance with marketing ideas through specialists to pay whom banks don’t need to be robbed. In their mission to be the perfect market platform, they have successfully listed 400+ buyers against 2600+ sellers. Since getting operational from March 2015, they have achieved a Global Alexa Rank of 118,991 with Indian as 9069, which is commendable.


As a marketing professional for over 15 years—as an advertising executive, sales manager, brand manager and business leader—Vivek (founder) found that brands were only reaching out to the big, well-established agencies. When brands had an outstanding marketing campaign to launch, these big companies could promise one of two things: on-time delivery or creativity. The client, of course, demanded both. For that agencies would ask for more time and premium pricing.

Vivek felt that this inefficiency needed to be curtailed, if not eliminated. And for that it was important that businesses were able to reach out to other, smaller, agencies that were hungry for business, could provide a customized solution promptly and at a competitive price. The Yellow Bulbs platform was the answer.

So it was that in 2014 that Vivek and Nehal moved out of Kolkata to set up home and hearth in Delhi. They began their search for creative service providers and set about putting together specialists based on due diligence to establish strong credentials. In 2015 Yellow Bulbs got its first project, and the die was cast. The passionate team of 11 members have ignited the Yellow bulbs in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata.


Bridging the gap between the new age businesses and marketing specialists, the eight broad categories Yellow Bulbs operates in include:

  • Digital marketing
  • Event and Activation
  • Design and communication
  • Website and app
  • Video and film
  • Blogs and content
  • Audio and radio
  • Public relations.


Free registration: Yellow Bulbs allows service partners to register for free, upload ready to use packages, apply for the best-suited bids, complete the assignment, and receive payment. They also offer managed services solution at a nominal service fee and only charge the seller a nominal fee after the money is received.

Quick service: Yellow Bulbs has boundary service called Brand Box for brands looking for immediate services. On Brand Box, based on their needs and requirements, clients will find ready-to-use packages which cut the process time of briefing, shortlisting and negotiating.

 Security, Visibility, and transparent platform: Yellow Bulbs offers a completely safe and open platform for financial transactions. Service providers are paid only when the client confirms that the project is complete.

Distance no constraint: The digital world shrinks boundaries; in this case creativity without boundaries. So, even if you are a service provider, or service seeker for that matter, located in Tier 2 or 3 cities, the Yellow Bulbs platform will get you what you want.


Marketplace is the current model. In the Events and Seminars vertical their aim is to set up platforms and organize seminars that bring together suppliers, brands, and consumers on the same platform and interact like never before. Read more Startup Stories.

YellowBulbs is a platform to reach out to marketing specialists
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