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Women Entrepreneurs on mission organic staple food

A startup women entreprenuer 27 year old Likitha Bhanu, Founder and Director Terra Greens Organic, is in pursuit of making your daily staple on table Organic. She works with farmers around the country helping them with organic farming methods and besides helping them with certification and also enabling buy-back of their produce. Likitha is based in Hyderabad.

Terra in French means Earth and Terra Greens means food from the earth, which is unadulterated and pure. Likitha Bhanu’s  mother, Mrs. Padmaja Bhanu and  she herself are the founders of the company. They are currently a team of 25 and operate all India in both Modern and General Trade. Their major partners are Spencers, Metro cash, and carry and Bigbasket in the online segment.

 Likitha Bhanu, inspired by her mother and the family that is engaged in organic farming decided to adopt 1000 farmers in with a buy-back guarantee of their produce, this has made their farmer network grow to a size of 3000 across the nation. The company helps these farmers to gain organic farming certification besides enhancing their Rice and Millet produce capabilities. Her start-up Terra Greens Organic is among the fastest growing company in the organic staples product in India and available across India.

They have a range of staples and a line of ready to cook breakfast mixes. Currently, Terra Greens produces about 92 staple products and a line of 8 ready to cook products. Their organisation is working on reviving ancient grains and making products which are ready to cook to popularize them. Currently they are growing at a rate of 80% year on year. Read more about Organic Farming Startups.

The Eureka Moment

Mother daughter duo started Terra Greens with an idea that came from a passion to provide unadulterated and genuinely organic food to all. To this Likitha Banu says “My family is fortunate enough to own farms where we produce organic food for our consumption. We wanted to share this joy by offering a farm to table organic and ready to cook food to millions of consumers and become the genuine source for organic foodstuff they can trust completely and that’s how Terra Greens was born.” Once they began their Terra Greens journey, they developed a network of farmers whom they educated and trained to adapt to newer organic farming know-how consistently.

The Core Team

LIKITHA BANU – Young Likitha Bhanu graduated as a Biotechnology Engineer from VIT Vellore in 2010. She took a year off and then joined her mother who was doing organic farming in their family owned farms as a hobby. They both decided to start a brand to market the farm produce from the farms which grew to be Terra Greens today.

Likitha never considered being an entrepreneur, It just so happened that their family farm had abundant produce one season and they had to sell the produce that was more than that were required for the family, and they did. It was like solving a problem and before she knew it, she was a business woman. She started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22 and it has been a rewarding and a very satisfying journey for her. It continues to do so.

Currently Likitha leads a team of 25 with 4 people in the managerial team. The focus is to provide genuine, high quality food to all our customers. As a company TG values honesty, integrity and passion highly in the company.

Terra Greens USP

Their growth rate and creative approach to everyday organic food is their biggest strength. They are the most innovative company in their segment and that is their USP. They also have a strong research and development team that constantly finds ways to make farm to table organic food enjoyable and healthy besides an advanced dedicated organic finishing production line.

Market penetration and business growth

The start-up is growing 40% every month and has spread their selves to 13 states, and plan to cover the entire country by the end of the 3rd quarter of the financial year 2016-17. They are planning to launch new products in the coming year. Read Startup News.

Women Entrepreneurs on mission organic staple food
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