A lady On A Mission To Create Used Designer Fashion Merchandise Marketplace

Secret Dresser A Market Place For Used Designer Fashion Merchandise

Recycling of used luxury outfits and accessories, which remain idle in wardrobes, at discounted prices is a challenging innovation. It has been made possible by 25-year-old Dimple Mirchandani
who found an entrepreneurial opportunity in selling barely used luxury products with designer labels to those who can afford to buy the same at much lower prices. Secret Dresser, a new online startup venture, buys and sells pre-owned fashion outfits and luxury accessories including bags, jackets, watches, shoes, etc. from Indian designers like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra and Anjalee Kapoor to international designers like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Ted Baker and likes.

“What made Dimple Mirchandani to come up with was the very thought what to do with her premium designer collection including exquisite Indian outfits which she had worn hardly twice. She thought of doing away with them in a profitable way instead of simply rejecting or throwing them away. The similar concept has been prevalent abroad for quite some time. It is the first of its kind in India.”

Sellers can first send pictures of their products to Secret Dresser. Then Dimple Mirchandani collects the products and evaluates their quality in a number of ways. The authentic products in good condition are put online for sale at much discounted prices. The sellers or owners receive payment upon selling of their products. Buyers can shop from the available variety in a few simple clicks on just as they do at other ecommerce portals.

Dimple Mirchandani is a versatile genius from a business family in Delhi. A graduate in accounting and finance from the University of Manchester, the UK, she has earned degrees in several disciplines from prestigious institutes, including diploma in sports nutrition from Oxford Learning in the UK and international certification in nutrition & health consulting from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. She has international certification in yoga training and the same in tarot reading & numerology under her belt. When it comes to studying and exploring new fields, she knows no full stop. Currently Dimple is pursuing certification in Diamond and Gemology from Gemological Institute of America (GIA). She started working at an early age for the family business due to her natural inheritance of entrepreneurial spirit. Her entrepreneurial fever and intense passion about exploring new domains led to inception of two ventures: Holistic Nutrition and Secret Dresser.

“Secret Dresser is the first of its kind in India for buying and selling pre-owned fashion and luxury goods of premium designer labels. That is where it stands out from usual ecommerce portals. It is one-stop shopping experience for those who crave designer wears but find it difficult to afford the same within their budgets. My mission to make designer fashion affordable and accessible to all by recycling authentic creations by ace designers such as Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Anjalee Kapoor and Louis Vuitton from the first-time users’ wardrobes is the USP of Secret Dresser. It also helps to save resources of the planet through rotation of the products,” Says Dimple Mirchandani.

Does Secret Dresser carve its niche in the Indian market through competition? Being the first of its kind in India, Secret Dresser has no much competition from other businesses in the online luxury fashion marketplace, according to Dimple Mirchandani. But, it has challenges to face and overcome.

“Since pre-owned luxury selling is comparatively a new concept in India, Indian consumers of the middle-class income group hesitate to buy used fashion wears and accessories while selling and buying used products from cars to household gadgets is a thriving business in India. This mental block about buying pre-owned clothes and fashion accessories, though in good condition and at affordable prices, is the biggest challenge for Secret Dresser in the Indian society. We are trying our best to remove this roadblock from the way of our venture’s market penetration. However, our target audience is gradually accepting this concept. I hope, the current scenario will take a U-turn for the best in the coming years,” says Dimple optimistically about the challenges to her startup.

In reply to how Secret Dresser is doing, Ms Mirchandani says that her business venture is just a few months old; so it is too early to say about the traction. However, Secret Dresser is a promising startup which she is very sanguine about.

Being an ambitious entrepreneur, Dimple Mirchandani has a mission and vision for Secret Dresser. Her vision is to see Secret Dresser on an expansion spree across the globe. She along with her team is on a mission to fulfil this vision on strength of robust marketing strategies which they will implement step by step.

On a closing note, Ms Mirchandani, the founder of, quotes, “Fashion is a way to bring out a unique expression owned by each individual. Do wear your confidence and own styles by shopping at Secret Dresser.”

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