PositiveShift to create Social Impact in India through their work

PositiveShift (PS) is in 4th successful year of operation. The team started as a corporate training company, offering leadership training services, coaching services. After some time they realised that the market is crowded with several players. Also, the company wanted to do volume work and not single entity consulting. Then the team got opportunity to work with IIIT for their maiden batch graduates. This project was particularly very critical for the team as far as the brand was concerned.

PositiveShift (PS) got popularity and the team also got a very good experience doing the project. Then there was no looking back. Company started working with Youth development. Then the team got introduced to Govt Skill development schemes. Team gradually formed processes and followed the processes. At very early stage they saw necessity of becoming ISO compliant and created all processes. Company started creating Social Impact through their services.


The company started with services, so no Eureka moment as such. Primarily they wanted to impact people’s attitude and behaviour to the core. Hence the Company always believes to make that impact happen. They do that through various products and services. Credibility and Respect for the work is the driving force for them. Creating Social Impact in India through their work is the motto that keeps the team going.


Vijay Mitra  and Venkat Gudipati  are the founders and handle the operations of the company on daily basis.

Mr Vivek Reddy and Mr Karthik Koduru are Investors and partner directors, and support the company with their Business development efforts.

Today the company has a strong and capable team of 15 employees. The team has always behaved like a corporate house and that is imbibed amongst all the employees.


The team sees themselves as a traditional company with reasonable growth and traction track record. They have closed 3 years of accounts thus far. Every year the company has reported profits for their shareholders. The track record shows positive movement. Company has never taken debts or loans and sustains itself with their internal accruals. PositiveShift has already paid off 60% of Director’s loans.


The company is professional and deeply process oriented. That is what they believe sets them apart. Their professional attitude towards work gears them towards Value based outcome that is particularly valued by the customers. Process orientation helps them to shift focus from people dependency and yet deliver on time. Team believes both these aspects are critical for success; rest will always fall in place.

Currently it is self-funded by way of loans from the promoters/directors.


Positive Shift offers services in two models:

  1. Offline – Till date the company have relied very much on traditional brick-n-mortar methods, whereby they setup Skill development Centre (SDC) and deploy their trained trainers to deliver the curriculum developed by them. The company have developed a continuous monitoring process to ensure the curriculum is followed properly.
  2. Online – Company always relied heavily on technology. They have complemented their face2face programs with online repository of library, assessment papers, preparation guides, Mock assessments and many more. The company has created online registration process, continuous monitoring, centre audit process online and many more. Where other Training partners rely on paper based registration process or bank settlement for fees procurement Positive Shift is already online.

UNO-Learn, is a web, mobile and digital TV skill development platform, to offer top-rated skill development courses from leading industry experts and top universities. UNO-Learn has signed up with five global institutes & 25 Global domain expert Instructors. Now with UNO Learn the company will take their online power to the next level. Positive Shift shall have a stronger LMS that will help several stakeholders such as Learners, Corporates, and Govt entities.

Since beta-launch the company have clocked 8000+ user signups, 700 +Courses, 54000 minutes of video content, 25 domain expert Instructors, 10+ Skill categories. These are expected to expand incrementally, keeping in mind industry and learners skill enlargement demand. Sixty per cent of the courses are sponsored by institutes and the rest 40 per cent by expert instructors.


PositiveShift has trained and certified about 10,000 people through 53 centres spread across nine Indian states. Team’s target is to achieve 1million by 2022.

Team would also like to expand their six strategic partner’s base and introduce different areas of specialisation in the area of on-job-training, placement capability and corporate consulting assignments in India.

Their products and services are designed with a focus on practical and action-oriented learning, than theory. Read Startup News.

PositiveShift to create Social Impact in India through their work
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