PayDeck – Pay with credit/debit cards of your choice for any goods or services

Paydeck solves a very simple problem of moving money in a quick, convenient and secure way while empowering people to pay for any goods or services on a credit card, regardless of acceptance.

Paydeck (‘pay-deck’) makes payments possible, but it is not about payments, it is about “payers” – the people behind the payment.

Idea behind PayDeck

This startup was born when Saurabh (the founder) was going through bad financial crisis and wanted to pay his house rent and CAM charges with credit card. And he didn’t get a single option to do so in India. With this frustration & pain firsthand inspired him to create a solution that would enable anyone to use their card of choice for any payment, regardless of acceptance & without optional recipient participation.

With this background in mind and to help the Indian society to truly unleash the power of cards, PayDeck was founded. The idea is simple – use the two items most commonly found on a significant majority of Indian viz. the Mobile Phone and the Bank Card (debit/credit) to enable users to make a variety of payments quickly, conveniently and ‘on the go’.

The Core Team

Saurabh Suman, 31

He is B. Tech from IIIT, with 10 years experience in IT and entrepreneurship. He has strong technological prowess and has successfully launched & run various businesses, including web application development. He is the initial founder of and heads the tech side development and co-heads sales & marketing.

Avishek Roy Choudhary, 30

Avishek has an experience of 8+ years in IT & management. He is focused and dedicated in producing his very best at all time. Since the inception of PayDeck he has proven his ability number of times. His creative thinking, positive can-do attitude and expertise, starting from Managing team to working on tools, make him an all rounder within the team PayDeck.

Ravi Kumar, 31

He completed his graduation from Kolkata, WB. With over 4 years of experience in front-end and back-end development, Ravi incorporates user experience and focuses on problem solving approach irrespective of the technology used. He has worked on LAMP earlier and now working on core application development of PAYDECK. He invests his time in analyzing and planning before starting the implementation which always make the work easier to look.

Arunabh Singh and Rajeev Krishnan work as advisors to the PayDeck team.

Revenue, traction and growth

PayDeck has seen a growth of 15-20% month by month. Since, demonetisation the start-up has seen this surge at 25-30%.

USP and Revenue Model

The differentiating factor is that this startup is for the Payers, the people behind payment. PayDeck gives this facility in hand of the Payer to use it as a DIGI POS. And to pay for anything until it’s Service or Goods based. Currently it charges 2.5% convenience fees per transaction.

As the start-up is a bootstrapped organisation, it is growing revenues & can achieve a breakeven very soon.

Modus Operandi

It is very easy to operate Paydeck. One can do it, by following the given steps:

  • Provide payment details and Submit your payment

Simply sign in to your Paydeck account, specify who you’d like to pay, and submit your payment using the card of your choice. A service fee of 2.5% will be automatically calculated and applied to your payment total.

  • Paydeck Sends the Card Payment via NEFT

Once your card payment is submitted, Paydeck will process and send it to your recipient in their bank account by NEFT. No approval, registration, cost, etc. is required to receive Paydeck payments by the receivers.

  • Final Notifications

Once the card payment will be processed it’s sent to the recipient through NEFT within 24-48 hours of submission. Standard delivery timing for electronic transfers applies. Once the payment is accounted to the receivers account, a notification is sent

Paydeck is not a wallet. It lets you pay any business or individual through credit card. While the average ticket size of a wallet is Rs 10- Rs 500, the average ticket size of Paydeck is Rs 10K- Rs 15K.

Future plans

Currently the team is working on product upgradation.

 Their next release is a better understanding UI. And next to that is their App which shall be launched by first quarter with merchant dedicated console & also merchant pre-listed data. It shall have the UPI based payment facility for merchant invoicing solution, which is another part of Paydeck.

2018 is the year of expansion to South East Asia. The team is working on the legal formalities for the same. Their sole motive is to work mainly in those markets where there is Credit Card’s user base and the people want to utilise the credit card balances for services where POS is not acceptable. Read more about Indian Startups.


PayDeck – Pay with credit/debit cards of your choice for any goods or services
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