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Meet STIR 2016 Noida City Winner Healers at Home

Healers at Home is an exciting new startup providing home healthcare and wellness services. Completing more than 75,000 home visits in just Delhi NCR, Healers at Home looks to deepen its penetration in new geographies. Being the only organized ‘at home’ Yoga player, Healers at Home has been doubling their reach every month.

Initial challenges

Building credibility among the customers was hard for the start-up in the beginning, especially because the start-up is about Healthcare sector. Customers are less likely to gamble with their health compared to other sectors. However team knew that longer they stick to their game plan of maintaining quality, strong training process, timely visits, customer oriented service etc., the more credibility they will be able to build, and eventually it did happen. Start-up’s repeat customer rate went up by 42% on a monthly basis from the last 8 months which is a testimony to the same.

Idea behind the start-up

When asked about the idea behind the start-up, Kshitij Garg (founder) said – “Around two years ago, I was at staying at home with my family including my mother, father, sister and my grandmother. In the middle of the night I could hear screams from my grandmother. She had fallen while going to the bathroom. Taking her to the hospital in the middle of the night was even harder on her weak body. She was crying hysterically with pain. You do not expect men to cry much but just seeing the agony on her face really broke my heart and I had tears in my eyes. If there had been someone at home with us who was a professional then such an event could have been prevented. I personally had back pain issues which meant taking constant physiotherapy sessions and practicing Yoga on a daily basis. This also meant I was being late at work and could not manage time. One Sunday afternoon, sitting in my chair I felt the problem I should be solving through my startup has to be personal something that I can relate to. And that was it. I did some research and found out that the Home Healthcare and Wellness market was worth over INR 30000 Cr.”

Team behind Healers at Home

Kshitij Garg – He was born in a village – Kekri in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. From a village to IIT Kanpur, his journey was full of challenges and lots of learning. At IIT Kanpur he started up Panaromic Dreamz – a startup providing photography and video solutions to various SMEs in and around Kanpur. The idea was not very scalable and therefore he moved on from that. Post IIT Kanpur, he was awarded the Young India Fellowship (India’s own Rhodes scholarship) by the University of Pennsylvania & Ashoka University.

 Mayukh Chakraborty – He is an IIT Kanpur Alumni, who looks after tech and design. He has over 8 years of experience with companies like Wipro USA and also has an experience of running his own startup. He has also won the Wipro Healthcare Innovation Award – ‘Hercules’ award for his innovative contribution to the healthcare sector.

Kartik – Kartik and Kshitij have been childhood friends and have discussed lot of startup ideas in the beginning. They have known each other for almost 15 years. Kartik kept on working with the start-up as part time discussing and growth hack strategist. When some of  the start up’s growth hacks really started to work he came on board full time. Prior to this he handled growth, product and strategy for Annapurna Microfinance across 11 states.

Shaiket Deb –  He has more than 8 years of experience in the Healthcare and Wellness segment. Previously he has launched four international Healthcare companies in the country. Currently he is looking after the Business development side of things including Hospital, clinics and corporate tie-ups. He has also worked with top healthcare companies like the Fortis Group.


The non-banality of team’s plans is what gives them the competitive edge. Their key differentiators can be summarized along the following lines:

1. Highly Scalable Business Model
Low Cost per city
Easy and Quick accumulation of supply

2. Quality
Minimum 4 years of experience + Master’s/Bachelor’s Degree
On boarding via Medical Advisory Board
21% Monthly increase in the number of repeat visits

3. Automation
Automatic geography, ailment and rating based Healer-Customer match
Reduced turnaround time
Constant Monitoring

4. Corporate Tie ups
21 Hospital + Corporate Tie ups
0 Marketing Cost
Increases ROI

Participation in ‘Start-up India Rocks’

It was online that founder came across Startup India Rocks. The idea behind participating in the competition was to get in touch with peers and potential mentors to learn and extend their network. Team is also in fund raising mode and such events certainly help in their case.

Funds asked and planned spending

Start-up is looking to raise INR 1 Cr. The idea is to make these funds last for 6 months and to solidify their foundation and build numbers and quality of service in Delhi NCR. Team aims to be the number 1 player in Delhi NCR by the end of the year.

Meet STIR 2016 Noida City Winner Healers at Home
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