We never leave a chance to reminisce the “aavakaya” chutney that our grandmother so lovingly used to make for us or the buttery “paranthe” that are dadi used to feed us till we can’t eat anymore. In our day-to-day busy schedules, eating bland and tasteless food of roadside hotels, we convince ourselves to adjust our palate as we just can’t go hungry. Be it the crazy midnight cravings of pregnancy or the time pass food to keep us studying all night for the next day’s exam or the dishes we crave for during sleepy and drowsy night shift jobs, good and homely food is really difficult to get. Saying that “ hunger’s dadagiri” is not going to prevail anymore, Khaanagiri came into existence.


There is nothing like personal experiences to inspire a new idea. The founder, Aatish , a software engineer working the night shift was unable to find tasty and homely food and compromised with whatever was available. The entrepreneur in him didn’t want to compromise. Instead he came with the idea to eliminate the tyranny of hunger. After researching about the food industry through friends, relatives and also a yoga teacher, and searching for good chefs in hundreds of restaurants to work in a night shift, the core team of khaanagiri finally fell in place with a bunch of dedicated delivery boys too. With two young, zealous and experienced chefs in hand, the challenge was to get a kitchen space in the area of IT companies and college campuses where there is a demand for late night food. The startup was launched on 30th November, 2015 available during 7:30 pm to 3:00 am at the Gachibowli circle with a centralized kitchen. Surpassing the obvious challenges of quality of food and service, customer acquisition and retention, marketing and sales, today khaanagiri has opened up from 11:30 am to 4pm by popular demand.


The food can be ordered simply by whatsapp. Every item on the menu has a unique code which can sent through whatsapp and the order is delivered. This simple method of ordering has won many customers for this young startup. Food from khaanagiri can also be ordered through the phone, website or Swiggy, Zomato, Food Panda etc.


Reaching the break even by the 2nd month, becoming profitable by the 3rd month, generating a revenue of 1 million by the 4th month and maintaining 30% average growth rate for the last 10 months, khanagiri’s growth is literally exponential. They are planning to have B2B and B2C models in the near future with over 10 tie ups under B2B to boast of, already. They plan to expand to other places in Hyderabad and other cities too.

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