GoCarWash is Booking Best Car Care Services

Car is one of the best purchases we make with our hard-earned money. It is not just an investment but an asset which needs to be taken care of like other important things of use. Owning a car is a dream for many but an achievement for the few. Where to find the best caretaker for your favorite car is no more a problem. All thanks to Go Car Wash! Go Car Wash is a Bangalore based startup having a mobile application which lets you avail the best services for your favorite car.

Founded in July 2015, Go Car Wash offers a range of exclusive cleaning, waxing, polishing and painting services which can conveniently be selected and scheduled through its mobile app. The cofounders – Satya Narayan and Chinmaya Sahu – claim their brainchild to be the first of its kind in India, providing car owners with super easy access to car care services at convenient times and reasonable prices.

How did Go Car Wash come into being? Was it ideated out of wonder on a fine morning or consciously brainstormed? The founder duo has a story to tell about their new-age venture. Here it goes:

One day we borrowed a car from a friend of ours and went for a long drive. It was already night by the time our adventure and enjoyment came to an end. The next morning, we were supposed to return the car by 10 am after a proper cleaning. We started looking for a car cleaning service provider all around, but found one who charged a hefty 2700 rupees excluding taxes only for cleaning service. The same day we decided to start something on this line so that we could help people get car related services at reasonable rates. Within 15 days of discussion we implemented the idea and launched our very first startup Go Car Wash. It started with a single mobile unit for door to door service.

Of the cofounders, Satya Narayan is responsible for marketing, product development and operations at Go Car Wash. Before this entrepreneurial venture happened, he worked as a Senior RE for Life Cell where he used to play a major role in handling sales to doctors, hospitals and other clients. Chinmaya is at the helm of of sales and day-to-day decisions. He is also responsible for implementing the company’s long and short term plans. Prior to cofounding the startup, he was a senior analyst at Accenture where his role was to understand and define the requirement process for several healthcare clients from the UK. He holds a BE degree in Chemical Engineering while Satya Narayan holds an MBA in marketing.

On being asked how different the business model is to make the startup a unique and promising one, Satya Narayan says that their intention to provide the best quality car care services at competitive prices is the very foundation of Go Car Wash. The USP of Go Car Wash is App logic which is designed to channelize a heavy inflow of customers into different slots without any possibility of clash between their times. It helps to make on-time delivery of the service by well-trained workforce at Go Car Wash.

Satya Narayan believes, “Happy Clients are the ones who generate more clients for you!” and if there is a smile at every customer’s face, there is competition. The services they provide at Go Car Wash today were earlier offered only by car studios at outrageous prices. Go Car Wash strives to change the existing scenario by bringing the car care services at the customer’s doorstep at very affordable prices and at convenient times. The service slots span from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm every day.

“Without challenges we might not have taken the startup seriously,” says Satya Narayan. Initially they started with steam machines but it was not as effective as water wash or eco wash and it consumed lots of time. The investment in the steam machine came to no fruition. To save time and improve work quality, they installed a tank and a pressure washer in the van to give customers a showroom experience at their doorsteps. Thus the cofounder duo and their team overcame the initial challenges diligently and strategically.

What is the present outcome of all efforts, resolutions and diligence? In less than 12 months, Go Car Wash is equipped with three state-of-the-art mobile units and three eco wash units. The startup got its first app for Android mobiles in January 2016 and the app has got more than 8000 downloads till date. It is expected to cross 15,000 downloads in the next 45 days.

“We are at a very nascent stage. Evidently we have a long way to go,” says Satya Narayan while talking about their vision and mission for Go Car Wash. They have raised seed funding from Mr. Ravi Jagannathan, founder of e-mudra and chairman of Krypc. Now they are looking to get a foothold in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. Currently the cofounder duo is in talk with another investor. The Times of India is also interested in the potential of Go Car Wash. The nation’s leading publication house is ready to invest for marketing once the customer base is doubled.

On a closing note, Satya Narayan says that one step forward leads to many steps ahead in future. That is what has happened to Go Car Wash since its launch. It has reached the operational breakeven to generate revenues, which is the best fruit for the cofounders, investors and employees. They have also received several proposals for franchisee.

GoCarWash is Booking Best Car Care Services
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