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India’s entrepreneurship scene is blooming like none other and with the increase in the number of entrepreneurs and startups, there’s certainly a need for entrepreneurship communities and portals to exist where entrepreneurs can connect and share knowledge. One such community is the Delhi Startup Network.

This online community helps you connect with opportunity

Delhi Startup Network is a 37000 member strong community of entrepreneurs and startups living in New Delhi with a clear goal in mind – to be the go to place for all the budding entrepreneurs. Aside from the absolutely free business lessons from proven professionals, it’s a great place to exchange ideas and associate with like minded people. The group helps people connect with mentors and wonderful entrepreneurs, find jobs and internships, learn about startup events happening across Delhi and what not. It basically helps any individual to grow from a wannapreneur to an entrepreneur. There’s an exclusive focus on the tech side of startups.

Eureka Moment for Delhi Startup Network

The Eureka moment for Saurabh Jain (Founder) was the expansion of the group from just a portal for entrepreneurs to connect to an all in one hub for everything startup related for anyone and everyone based in New Delhi. The realization that the group can be helpful to people from all walks of life was the breakthrough team needed to launch subsequent groups such as the Bangalore Startup Network with over 27000 members.

How it all started

The group started back in 2015 when Saurabh Jain, Senior Marketing Executive at InfoEdge, found out that his options for connecting with other entrepreneurs in New Delhi are very limited. He initially started to solve that problem, the group grew out to become an all in one platform for recruitment, sharing viable entrepreneurship knowledge such as how to raise investment, how to start a startup and more. Read Startup News.

Understanding the lack of opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect, Eashan, ex-engineer at Sage, the largest software development company in the UK, joined Saurabh as co-founder (and became the leading architect) when he returned to India and found virtually no one to connect with in a hostile Delhi entrepreneurship environment. Having built brands with over a million members previously, this young mind got determined to open the floodgates of entrepreneurship to the common man living in New Delhi. They organise both online and offline events in Delhi and Bangalore to help the entrepreneurs, spending their critical time, money and energy for a not for profit venture to give back to the community.

Current Scene

The group has now collectively become a melting pot of ideas, tips, resources and testimonials, a virtual roadmap from which you can follow, or create your own road to entrepreneurial success, now clocking at over 2000 new members every month. Bringing in ideas from London and aiming to boost the Delhi Entrepreneurship scene, Eashan is now focussed on organising the first ever Delhi New Tech “The Delhi Tech”. Scene is blooming. Saurabh wants to bring unmatched visibility to all the disruptive tech. startups in New Delhi.

 “I want to create a platform which inspires the common man to follow the path of entrepreneurship” said Saurabh Jain.

Eashan is currently leading the execution of Zappel, a startup which he believes will be worth “a billion dollars” within the next 5-7 years. Read more on Indian Startups.

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