AutoDna a content discovery app for automobile enthusiasts


Gear up to find interesting stuff about automobiles and the new advances made in the automotive industry. AutoDna is a content discovery app for automotive enthusiasts. New updates from the automotive world are handpicked on a daily basis from an array of leading automotive blogs and magazines which are curated into crisp short stories and fed to the mobile app in one of the most interesting and easy to use interfaces in recent times. It works like a charm for petrol heads who are hungry for updates but cannot spend time or put in the effort to browse through tens of online magazines.

What Sets Them Apart From Their Competitors

They believe that user feedback plays a very important role for the progress of their startup and user satisfaction plays a dominant role in any business. They believe that negative reviews are the best form of feedback and sarcasm that you hear from your good friends about something you are working on, In fact it is the best form of advice. They carefully picked the requirements that would complement their shoe string budget and have deployed the app within a month’s time.

About The Founder

Pratheek Reddy is tough, smart and an illustriously super cool persona you will never ever come across in the management cabins. Out of all the startups, he has promoted, Smartmonk has been a consistent money spinner and his bread and butter. However, he says that there is still a long way to go and the business mistakes over the years have taught him a lot and this experience has played a vital role in shaping up his startup.

What’s Unique About AutoDna

The best part about AutoDna is that they have the  luxury to say that they do not have a competitor. Yes, there is none in the kind of business they want to run. ET Auto by Economic times comes close but is not on the same track as AutoDna. Their measure of revenue is the number of users they have managed to acquire. Revenue does not need a plan, the model becomes obvious and starts showing itself up once you have daily users on board. They will consider themselves successful, when their product becomes a part of a person’s daily grind.

Future Plans

AutoDna will be the go-to application for automotive big wigs, pandits or enthusiasts for precise industry insights, news and statistics. For instance Mr. Anand Mahindra should one day be able to launch a new vehicle, only with industry insights from analytics or feedback from an opinion poll on AutoDna. Read more startup stories.

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