Yeppar ’s collaboration with JLF 2107

EE Jaipur Literature Festival, the one of its kind, celebrating 10 years of success, is presently indulged in planning the 2017 Edition of this festival marked by some show-stealing features, which has never been witnessed before by collaborating with Yeppar, for Head Count and 3D animated Evacuation Videos. The Jaipur Literature Festival is known to provide opportunities to meet the socially correct folks of historians, political leaders, business leaders, humanitarians, sports celebrities, authors and entertainers from all walks of life. The exchange of national and international ideas between the people from different regions, backgrounds, and ethnicity is what lay the foundation for this event. A unique feature of ‘Head count in real time, Yeppar, assures right bisection and reckoning of the invitees.

Yeppar a renowned augmented reality app by RAMS Creative Technology, having proved its worth in print media and working with one the largest news daily, teams up with JLF to bring a revolutionary change in the way such events are held.

Deepak Sharma, the Chief Technical officer, Yeppar, further stated the need for safety measures and provisions while conducting an event of such high magnitude. The Yeppar team have partnered with JLF’s event organizing committee for offering a 3D view of the event venue, Diggi palace, showcasing details about exits, emergency exists, recreation and drinking water facilities, parking slots, food booths and every minutest detail to be communicated to the attendees on big screens, increasing the level of comfort and affluence. Additionally, the sensors installed at the venue will help in keeping an eye on real time data of the attendees.

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*Note – content is contributed by Yeppar.

Yeppar ’s collaboration with JLF 2107
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