Which ATM has Cash under its Fleet? Find Here

It’s now been more than a week, when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to the country that higher value currency notes of INR 500 and INR 1000 would no longer to be legal tender and people would have to exchange or deposit the old notes into banks and post office till December 30th, 2016. In case you missed the proclaimed window then you have only one option left for depositing your money i.e. via RBI which is open till the quarter end (March 31st, 2017) of this year. For such a move, many economists, experts, politicians, the legendary personalities have come ahead and showed off their supports as well as resisted on demonetization process.

What changes will come out with this bold move are still in dark yet it is sure that they will be positive. We can witness the anger and chaos in front of banks and ATM’s. As the queue gets extended, cash in the machine gets vanished in a couple of hours.  However, it’s only been a matter of few days, still, it is frustrating and annoying the public. Well, here is the solution for all those who fed up with the crowded ATMs and cash crunch issues as many firms and individuals have introduced some tools that will not only find the ATM near you but also give you a confirmation if carries cash or not. Besides, others will also hint you how long the ATM lines are, so that you can avoid the aforementioned hardship.

1) Cash No Cash:-

Introduced by Quikr and NASSCOM on November 14, it is a platform that isn’t only limited to any service provider or ATMs, but also provides details on banks and post office in your vicinity. Once you enter your Pincode on the search bar, the list of Banks and ATMs will appear along with an icon that shows cash availability, long queue and out of cash by highlighting Green, Orange and Red colour respectively. All you need to do is:- 1) Type on the browser  2) Enter Your Postal Pincode 3) Find One the ATM with cash among that displayed List.

2) CMS ATM Finder:-

CMS ATM Finder is also one of the best applications of finding out whether the ATM is working or not and let you know about the availability of cash as well. First of all, type ATM finder on the browser. Once done, you will find a page where you have asked to select state and city. After selecting that, you will get the list of active ATMs with cash or no cash.

3) Walnut:-

Walnut, an expense manager app, has added a new feature in itself with a view to help the people that are undergoing with problems like cash crunch and long cues with the demonetization process. Likewise the above-mentioned tool, it is also an option that people need to enable so that they can find if the ATM has run out of cash or shut down.

4) ATM Search:-

Another application here in the form of that will ease your problem by letting you search for ATM with cash in your surrounding area. Just open the link and enter any particular location to find a functional ATMs with cash near you.

These apps have been introduced to improve your stress of finding a working ATM, though, you have to assure for the time stamp and for that, you have to be really fast. Besides that, it is a user-generated data in which you can add your specific details as per your location.

Which ATM has Cash under its Fleet? Find Here
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