iPhone 7 Plus can be used as a bomb shows these pictures


First Samsung now its Apple’s turn. A Reddit user by the name of kroopthesnoop posts photos of new iPhone 7 plus that blew up like a bomb during shipping. The co-worker of this Reddit user was excited for his jet black iPhone 7 plus. On opening the package he was shocked to see the burnt phone. The pictures suggest that the iPhone must have been externally damaged due to which the battery blew up. Read iPhone has no jack

An executive from Apple contacted the iPhone 7 buyer and assured that the burnt phone will be replaced with a new one.  The exact reason for the blowing up of the instrument was not shared by the Apple executive yet. It is shocking to see how phones can also blow up like a mini time bomb. Earlier Samsaung’s Galaxy Note blew up during Indigo flight from Singapore to Chennai.  The phone was kept in the hand baggage. Passengers informed the cabin crew of the smoke coming from the over head luggage storage. Immediately the crew used extinguishers to take out the fire from the phone. Read iPhone is old wine in new bottle

With technology growing, phones are becoming more and more slim and powerful. With every new iPhone released, the battery capacity is increasing. iPhone 7 Plus has a 2900 mAh battery that can is needed by a Quad-core, 2340 MHz, 64-bit processor, and 3 GB ram. Definitely this particular phone generates lot of heat.  Comments on Reddit on this particular case show that the phone might have been damaged from exterior due to which the phone exploded. Lithium when bent causes explosion. Few other comments say that the coloration of the aluminium panel along with heat caused the explosion.

With respect to Samsung blowing up on Indigo flight, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) says that phone should be turned off during flight. Let’s not take a risk with these smart phones during flight travel. Turn them off and stay safe. Read more latest news


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