Girish Jhunjhnuwala

Girish Jhunjhnuwala wins Entrepreneur of the Year award

Indian entrepreneur, Girish Jhunjhnuwala, CEO and Founder of the Ovolo Group has won the Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) award for the Hong Kong and Macau region. With its 10th anniversary celebrating the theme: ‘Seizing opportunities to drive reform and innovation’, Jhunjhnuwala demonstrated series of achievements in redefining modern hospitality through a customer-centric perspective. After a five – month process involving interviews, business performance analysis and multiple judging panels, Jhunjhnuwala was chosen from a pool of several successful entrepreneurs. Speaking on the topic of ‘what makes entrepreneurs like Jhunjhnuwala stand out’, CK Lai, EOY 2016 China’s Co-Chairman and EOY’s Assurance Partner said, “Successful entrepreneurs are those who can actively respond to external changes, continuously make breakthroughs in addressing challenges, ride trends and seize momentous opportunities to achieve strategic growth”. Read more on Awards

Speaking on the occasion, Girish Jhunjhnuwala said, “Words can’t express how honored I feel in winning this award. I see it as validation for the tireless mission and vision I set out to achieve with Ovolo. As an ethnic minority, winning this award for the Hong Kong / Macau region carries extra meaning. And if there’s one thing I would say to any young minority out there, it’s that anything is possible. Just be positive, be patient and don’t procrastinate anything”. Girish Jhunjhnuwala had founded the Ovolo group fourteen years ago, with the mission to revolutionize the hotel industry. Ovolo group was launched as the first Owner/Operator hospitality brand in Hong Kong. Girish Jhunjhnuwala had a goal of creating a brand that made accommodation as effortless and inclusive as possible for the digitally-minded modern traveller. Ovollo group was initially founded as a serviced apartment business. Ovolo soon shifted its focus to the hotel sector.

Girish Jhunjhnuwala possesses all the qualities that a successful entrepreneur should have. He is a visionary, he revolutionized the hotel industry through innovative ideas, he made profit out of every business opportunity and he responded very well to changes in business environment. He has made India proud by winning the prestigious EOY 2016 award in Hong Kong. Most important of all he always believed in himself and kept pursuing his goal even in the wake of setbacks. This according to me is what makes him stand out among other entrepreneurs, as most people buckle and fail to perform under pressure. Read more on Startup News

Girish Jhunjhnuwala wins Entrepreneur of the Year award
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