BJP hits back at Mayawati charges against demonetization

BJP on Monday retaliated against BSP party’s chief, Mayawati’s charges on Saturday that BJP’s demonetization move had only caused inconvenience to 90% of the people in India and that BJP had only announced such a move to win the upcoming state elections in the state of U.P. BJP’s spokesperson, Shrikant Sharma said, “She is frustrated because Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strike against black money has destroyed the huge cash trove she had amassed by extorting crores from BSP ticket aspirants, and it is the despair over her loss which has driven her to make such wild charges”. “The PM’s decision was not against some people or party but against black money, corruption and those involved in fake currency, drugs and terror funding. It is possible that some politicians may have become collateral victims”, BJP’s spokesperson Shrikant Sharma added. Mayawati on Saturday stated that the motive behind the demonetization move, made by the BJP, was not to curb black money or black property but only to win the upcoming state election in U.P. She claimed that the move had only caused inconvenience to the common man and stated that any government which had put the people of India through hardships was only shown the exit by the people of India during elections. Read more on PM Modi

BJP’s spokesperson, Shrikant Sharma’s defense in right! Many politicians in India are opposing the demonetization move due to four main reasons:

  • They are afraid that their black money and black property will be confiscated. They do not want to confess having or deposit their black money.
  • They had planned to use their huge reserves of black money to fight elections in their states and the country. But the demonetization move has made all the black money, available with them useless and now they are unable to spend money on election campaigns. This has caused stomach burns to them.
  • Most of the big organizations and hospitals in India were run on black money, which was like a bigger parallel to the Indian economy. Some of the big organizations were funded by politicians and they used to get some revenue out of those organizations. Now, those organizations have become useless to them causing more stomach burns to them.
  • Most of the politicians in India are anti – national elements who do not want the country to progress. They do not want more and more people to get educated because they would lose their vote banks if that happens. So far, they had been using the tactics of polarizing the voters based on caste and religion and giving freebies to them, using their vast reserves of black money, to get their votes. Educated people mostly do not vote based on caste or religion and are mostly not lured by More educated people would mean that those politicians who had polarized the voters will lose their vote banks. This is the third stomach burn for them.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, I request all of our dear readers to support the demonetization move and not to be swayed by the hate speeches given by politicians like Mayawati as they are only opposing the demonetization move for purely selfish reasons. As BJP’s spokesperson Shrikant Sharma pointed out, Mayawati had planned to use her huge reserves of black money to fight the upcoming election in U.P. and the demonetization move has caused a stomach burn to her, as all the black money with her has now become useless and she is unable to spend money on the election. Read more on Startup News

BJP hits back at Mayawati charges against demonetization
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