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BitTorrent is not shutting down Now

BitTorrent recently gave a statement to media that they are not shutting down their new business BitTorrent Now. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file exchanging software that is blocked by Indian government as it is perceived as carrying operations of pirated movie distribution. We love BitTorrent as everyone could exchange their files (audio, video, documents and more) for mutual benefit.Read Hacking News.

To move from the piracy tag, BitTorrent launched their music and movies streaming app BitTorrent Now in June this year. They have shut down their LA office and confirmed that their CEO, Robert Delamar has moved on. The management were not happy with the way this CEO was spending funding and burning financial wholes into the company. Read Patanjali CEO forged documents.

BitTorrent Now help you connect with multimedia creators. Also help you download free or paid content such as video streams, movies, music, TV shows, and more directly from the artists. No further information was provided by the company regarding its new development. We have to see how successful this streaming app will be in compared to the peer-to-peer exchange platform. Read more Technology News.

BitTorrent is not shutting down Now
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