AI software developed in India accurately predicts polls

The new U.S. elected president, realtor, businessman and reality show star, Donald Trump may love the AI software developed by a Mumbaikar named Sanjiv Rai, who founded his own company called Genic Ai. MogIA is an artificial intelligence software developed by Sanjiv Rai’s company, Genic Ai. It uses an accurate algorithm, which collects data from over twenty million data points in social media websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkden and uses the data collected to make accurate predictions on election results. MogIA had accurately predicted the election results of the previous three elections held in the U.S. This time when TV analysts and experts on the news channels in the U.S. had erroneously given Hilary Clinton a 5.2 lead, MogIA accurately predicted that Donald Trump would be in the lead and win by a comfortable margin! The 2016 U.S. presidential election results may have come as a shock to some (Democrats) and as a surprise to many (Republicans) but Sanjiv Rai and his AI software MogIA had anticipated this all along! Read more on election result

Before the election results came, Sanjiv Rai had said “If Trump loses; it will defy the data trend for the first time in the last twelve years since internet engagement began in full earnest”. This time, Donald Trump has overtaken the engagement numbers of Barack Obama’s peak in 2008, when he was first elected, by 25 per cent. However, Sanjiv Rai admitted that there were limitations to his AI software, MogIA. It cannot accurately take in the human sentiment and human mood swings factor into account to make predictions. Sanjiv Rai said, “Just because somebody engages with a tweet from the 70-year-old New York tycoon does not mean they will necessarily vote for him”. Using social media to predict outcomes of elections has become increasingly popular because of the amount of data and people available publicly. In September, 2016, Nick Beauchamp, a political scientist at Northeastern University, published a paper on his experiment. He had designed and used his AI software on data points collected from 100 million tweets, to predict the outcome of the 2012 U.S. presidential election. He found that the AI’s predictions closely resembled the 2012 presidential election’s outcome.

Every politician would love to have software that accurately predicts the forthcoming or ongoing election results. Politicians can use the predictions to focus their election campaign on areas where they are lagging behind in seats or to judge the mood and sentiments of the citizens of the country. According to the news and views of people, they can adjust their speech/approach or their election campaign style to put up a better fight with the opposition party. Hilary Clinton herself did not trust the inaccurate TV analysts this time and said, “Pay no attention to the polls and don’t get complacent”. The fact that an AI software, which had accurately predicted the election results of the previous three U.S. presidential elections, was developed by an Indian, is a matter of great pride for India. His AI software, MogIA was right, when the U.S. TV analysts themselves were wrong! Politicians like Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, who had got wrong TV analysis this time would surely love to use accurate software like MogIA. Read more on Startup News

AI software developed in India accurately predicts polls
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