How much do you think is the salary of a unicorn founder?

unicorn founder

Unicorn founders salary is revealed

A unicorn founder definitely gets the name and fame he/she expects but how much salary do they get annually is a question we answered here. We bring you 6 unicorn founders and their salaries (all figures are in crores). The spikes in salary are because of increase in founder stock options


unicorn founder

Pranay Chulet: FY 2014 – 1.24,  FY 2015 – 1.87.


unicorn founder

Kunal Bhal FY 2014 – 4.5, FY 2015 – 46.5.

unicorn founder

Rohit Bansal: FY 2014 – 4.5, FY 2015 – 46.5.


unicorn founder

Deepinder Goyal: FY 2014 – 0.48, FY 2015 – 0.48.

unicorn founder

Pankaj Chaddah: FY 2014 – 0.335,  FY 2015 – 0.35.


unicorn founder

Bavish Aggarwal, FY 2014 – 0.25, FY 2015 – 5.62.

unicorn founder

Ankit Bhati: FY 2014 – 0.18,  FY 2015 – 0.39.


Dhiraj Rajaram: FY 2014 –, FY 2015 – 0.38.

unicorn founder

Ambiga Dhiraj: FY 2014 – 0.86, FY 2015 – 1.02.


unicorn founder

Sanjay Sethi: FY 2014 – 0.31, FY 2015 – 0.43.

unicorn founder

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal: FY 2014 – 0.38, FY 2015 – 0.44.

* Data from VC Circle. As expected unicorn founder’s salary is below our expectations. Just because it is worth more than a billion does not mean that the founder gets to take how much ever he wants to as salary. We went ahead and asked a Hyderabad based successful health care startup entrepreneur about why his pay is in thousands. He told us that he does not take lakhs of salary per month because he is investing his time for the growth of the startup. Money has to be seen only as a means to provide necessities to your family. [Read the latest news and articles]

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