Meet the author of upcoming book – The Great Indian Treasure

the great indian treasure

Raghu Nandan is coming up with this latest book titled The Great Indian Treasure

Author of upcoming book The Great Indian Treasure, Raghu Nanadan talks to IndianCEO about his book and why he wrote it. Below is his story with respect to the launch of the book.

There are two purposes in my life, one purpose is to emanate thoughts and other is to help students in whatever way I could. This book is amalgamation of both my purposes. I strongly believe that the thoughts are the greatest things one can leave behind as legacy than riches. This strong belief led me to thread path of writer though when I had started writing, I didn’t know basic grammar. Still I struggle with the grammar. However, the important thing to consider for a writer is idea not the language, the language will follow automatically with the idea.

Eureka moment for writing The Great Indian Treasure

A strong inspiration struck me when I was in my Khumb Mela trip to Allahabad in 2013. I also visited Sarnath during that visit. While I was traveling back in train, I weaved a climax of the story in my mind, that story is the great Indian Treasure which is coming soon now.

About the book

the great indian treasure

The Great Indian Treasure is a tale of mystery, adventure and courage of a group of youngsters who soldier on through the odds in their quest for the legacy left behind by Emperor Asoka centuries ago. Set in the modern times, it is an intriguing story of power, adventure, mystery, bravery and sacrifice. Hidden in its pages are secrets which are buried in our history and are seeped in our traditions. It reveals the truth about ancient myths and legends in this absolutely unput downable book.

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About The Author – Raghu Nandan 

the great indian treasure

Raghu Nandan

I’m  an engineer by profession, I gave up my work as a software engineer to become an author. I extensively work with youngsters and is a motivational speaker.I believe that life is a laboratory meant for experimentations. I do my experiments by following my passions and interests. Writing is one of the experiments which I’m currently doing in my laboratory.


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