Indian Startups should be like the serial Khichdi


It’s funny, but in reality Startups can learn a lot from the serial Khichdi

The serial Khichdi was a bang on hit with the audience as it dealt with real comedy incidents in a joint family in India. As a startup you have to understand the reality of market situation. A business will only flourish if it intrigues the real world. But do you know the recipe for Khichdi’s hit?

It showed a dysfunctional Indian joint family in a unique comic angle.

So what should be your take away from it as a startup owner?

Give your business a special treatment, like a spark in the mundane crowd. Even if you come up with a product already in the market, research on how can you attract consumers towards it. What can be the distinctive feature for your startup? Have strong answers to these questions before starting line.

Khichdi had an amazing starcast and a great team effort which made the audience stay gripped everyday while it was on air.

So if the business is all by yourself, you know what you can do. But if you have a team, perfect coordination and great share of ideas can take the business upstream. See, only attracting consumers is not the end of the story. Like the Khichdi serial, customers need something to come back to your product. Therefore keeping up with expectations and good after sale services can keep your startup in the limelight.

Khichdi made its way to the Bollywood.

The serial Khichdi took small screen by storm. It’s funny take on English vocab by Praful and Hansa was the most hilarious tickler in the serial. There have been remake of Hollywood movies and Tollywood movies in Bollywood industry. But it was the first time that a small screen soap was adapted in Bollywood for a movie.

So as a startup, sky should be the limit. It’s not advisable to see unrealistic dreams but believe in your dream venture. You never know, if consumers like your business idea, it can take you to places. Keep your ideas intact with the business needs. Always nibble for scopes of improvement and strive to deliver better. Consumers are sensible in this 21st century. True that they look for variety,  but if they see your dedication, they also reward you. If you can win minds, there is no looking back.

Have you noticed something that Khichdi doesn’t drag too much. It is probably the only serial which comes back on seasonal basis. After Khichdi ended there was a break. It came back with the name ‘instant Khichdi’.

Therefore if your startup business idea is a hit, do not commit the mistake of dragging it. Come up with new product names and ideas. Variety is the spice of business.  If your startup is a hit don’t relax and celebrate for long. You know the competition right? If you are on the edge, your business in all probabilities will edge over others.


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