Co.Lab.Orate presents How To Start A Startup


Co-working space startup conducts an event to mentor entrepreneurs on starting startups

The word STARTUP has become the hashtag trending for the past couple of years. But when it comes to going on with an idea of your own, it is easier said than done. 9 out of 10 startups fail even before they start and some after they initiate.

Where do they go wrong? Why exactly should one startup? When to startup? Answering all these questions was how the event began. The room was all filled with enthusiastic would-be entrepreneurs of all ages with the thirst to learn and implement everything they learnt here.

The Ambience

Raghuveer Kovuri, Co-founder Co.Lab.Orate was the speaker for the event. He started off the session in an interactive way and lay out all the ground rules for anyone who wants to enter the world of Startup; complete with statistics.

The speaker shared his experience with the assembled and lay down the key checklist for anyone wanting to go for a Startup. When it comes to Startups, most of everyone today is Starting up just because everyone around them is and reading the 1% success stories in the startup world. They are failing to look at the groundwork, hard work, ego breaking situations involved when a person begins his startup journey.

” You must be ready to forgo a meal or two and have to learn to do anything and everything your startup requires you to do. You must, at all times keep your company in front of yourself” Raghuveer explained.

On Co.Lab.Orate

Co.Lab.Orate is a co-working space which provides the best space, resources and required mentorship to start-ups, freelancers and the Creatives with a spot on economic and affordable pricing in the city of Hyderabad. Co.Lab.Orate has conducted a whole lot of 120+ events with great and effective feedback.

Speaking to our correspondent, Anurag Parepally, Co-Founder Co.Lab.Orate said

“The concept of Co-Working never started out in India. This as you see, was all prevalent in the US and no one gave this quite a bit of thought here. We started out on with a clean slate.  I did a bit of business back in my college when I made quite a bit money by selling sim cards. That’s when I realized that when we have the ability to sell something and also create something, why not Startup something different. We spent 6 months with our groundwork. Raghuveer traveled to Singapore and the south-east Asia while I did my own traveling learnt a lot. We even spoke to Alex Hillman (the father of Co-working) for a few insights and that’s when I, Vinay and Raghuveer set out to start this awesome place. Co.Lab.Orate.”

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