Ghoomophiro: A Fast-growing Organizer of Solo Trips for Women Travelers



Prachi Garg is a young entrepreneur with a vision and mission. She is not just a business woman but also a published author. She is a true blue Mirandian with go- getting attitude and a firm belief in the power of innovation. She cofounded and wrote “Super women”. She is passionate about traveling and writing. Here is an account of her entrepreneurial journey:

Share something about your startup Ghoomophiro and what made you to start it? 

“I started as a one stop shop for corporate to help them organize team events and outstation conferences or business meets. Ghoomophiro has also organized corporate lunch and dinner parties at outstation places. Recently, we (the ghoomophiro team) have expanded our portfolio to organize trips for solo women travelers. We are also working as digital evangelists as part of the Ghoomophiro blog, which is apparently among top 10 travel blogs in India.”

An idea is the beginning of a story, a journey and a business. was born out of an idea when Prachi was doing MBA. She has been a traveler since her college days. She determined to leverage her travel experiences by initiating one stop shop for travelers like her and tourists during one of her visits to Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh.

Tell us something about yourself….

I am a computer science graduate with an MBA degree. I do always believe in accepting life as it comes. I was bitten by the bug of entrepreneurship at the early phase of my college life. Besides, I am an avid traveler, writer and voracious reader. Inspirational stories of entrepreneurs always stir and push me ahead. Recently, I penned “Superwomen”, a collection of inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs in India, who took the roads less traveled. The book has recently been published.

How different is Ghoomophiro from existing business models (if any)? How do you compete with them?               

When Ghoomophiro was launched, it was the first of its kind in India. Recently, a few business models like Ghoomophiro have hit the marketplace in corporate domain. However, our USP is our strength. We neither promote nor sell packaged events or trips unlike others. Instead, we plan each and every trip or event with attention to details depending on pricing, requirements, etc. And quality of service is always our priority that has got us many repeat customers.

What is the traction so far?    

Ghoomophiro has been running at a smooth pace since its inception in the market. Many of our clients are repeat customers. Our experiment with solo trips for women travelers has been successful. We have got a good response from women travelers from different walks of life. Recently, we organized solo trips and trekking expeditions to different destinations for them.

What are your vision and plans to scale the business?

I believe in improving the quality of services through consistent innovation. We have marketing strategies in place, which are in sync with the changing times and scenario. No plans for funding so far. Currently we are focused on solo women travelers. Our next step is to target school kids for culture travel.

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