Five Best Elderly Homecare Service Providers in India


Elderly healthcare service has witnessed a revolution in India in recent times. India’s 60+ population will jump to 300 million by 2050, according to a report by Forbes Magazine. Evidently, elderly homecare service holds lots of potential in the healthcare industry of India. Experienced physicians, medical experts and paramedical professionals have come up with personalized homecare services for the elderly in collaboration with investors. Such innovative home based health care service is the need of the hour for senior citizens in cases of chronic or life-threatening diseases, post surgeries, postoperative rehabilitation, etc.

Here are five best elderly homecare service providers in India, which have reached out to senior citizens in times of need.

Portea Medical ( Meena Ganesh is the CEO as well as co-founder of Portea Medical in the elderly homecare service niche. It is the most celebrity homecare center in India. A host of features has made it a stand-out not only in the country but also on the global level of competition in the same niche. They can allocate required resources quickly and in the most efficient manner – a fact that has contributed to their success. They continue to make their caregivers tech-enabled from time to time.

Portea Medical has caregivers in major Indian cities. CEO Meena Ganesh has explained that the company saves on real estate infrastructure, which enables them to share the benefit with end customers. The company has tie-up with several technology partners, diagnostic chains, healthcare partners and equipments suppliers.

Medwell Ventures ( One of the fast growing elderly homecare service providers in India, Medewell Ventures has made its presence felt in the market despite stiff competition. Lalit Pai is CEO and co-founder of Medwell Ventures. The company acquired a home healthcare brand Nightingales in Bangalore back in 2014. According to him, most of the healthcare service (80%) provided at hospitals can be made available at home by means of modern technology. The company is currently focused on improving their geriatric and post-surgery care services for the elderly.

Healthcare at Home ( “It’s where you want to be”- this is the tagline of this elderly homecare service provider. Vivek Srivastava is CEO of Healthcare at Home. They provide customized services to those in need of full range of healthcare at home. Their trained attendants and qualified paramedical professionals help patients to get healed fast in the comfort of their homes. Healthcare at Home assigns caregivers with the right set of skills as well as deliver all the required equipments right to patients so that the best possible care is available within their reach.

Epoch Elder Care ( It is another notable name in the field of elderly care services. Kabir Chaddha is the founder and CEO of Epoch Elder Care. They provide high quality care to the people in their sunset years. Personalized service for assisted living is always their priority towards the target audience. The old people and patients can choose from different service packages as per their requirements. Epoch Elder Care has the best and most compassionate caregivers in India.

Deep Prabeen Parisheba ( ‘Prabeen’ means elder and ‘Parisheba’ means service in English. They provide elderly healthcare service in Kolkata and its suburbs. Deep Prabeen Parisheba offers customized service in order to meet specific needs of every client. They have qualified, compassionate, trained and dedicated medical professionals as well as caregivers. They also have membership schemes to suit the basic healthcare needs. This Kolkata based elderly homecare service provider gives progress reports to the family members of their customers regularly in order to let them keep a watch on the gradual improvement of the elderly members.

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