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Ringing Bells – Company that sold Freedom 251 shut down

Ringing Bells grabbed the limelight by launching world’s cheapest mobile phone Freedom 251 at a price of Rs 251/-. As per latest reports the company shutdown last week, post the exit of CEO Dharna Goel.

 The nation was all excited for the launch of Freedom 251 mobile phone, and the website crashed on the day of launch due to heavy traffic. Currently their website is down and Ringing Bells team have incorporated a new company on 7th December by the name MDM Electronics Private Limited. The MD (Managing Director) of Ringing Bells, Mohit Goel is now the director of MDM Electronics Private Limited. Other directors of this new company are Shashank Goel and Ashok Chaddha, who are associated with Ringing Bells. The exact nature of business of this new company is not known yet. Read top 10 ways to convert your black money white.

Freedom 251 was a possible scam until the company dispatched 5000 units and assured that in the next phase 65000 units will be dispatched. The mobile can be bought online only, and people had to wait 6 months before they could actually get it in hand. Ringing bells also launched Freedom 9990 LED Tv priced at Rs 9,900 which never shipped. May be new company will produce Freedom products?

Great move by ringing bells but shutting down without notice and not dispatching electronics post collecting money makes them look guilty. This is somewhat off a scam, where money is taken but prolly being used for some other purpose, rather than to manufacture Freedom products. During the launch of Freedom 251, popular technology experts and economists said that this product is genuine and people can go ahead and buy it. Eager to see what these people have to say now that Ringing Bells shut down. Read more Last Business News.

Ringing Bells – Company that sold Freedom 251 shut down
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