This is how AskMe employees can get salaries apart from suicide

AskMe Employees

Suicide is not the only means for AskMe employees to get their salaries

AskMe employees have been Tweeting IndianCEO to help get salaries of 4K people. Recently an employee has threatened to take his/her life if salaries were not paid in the next few days was confirmed by the group CMO.

I too am salaried and bringing a baby to this world totally understand what AskMe employees are going through. People like me rely on salary to pay off rent, EMIs and other unavoidable expenses to make life comfortable for loved ones.

I thought about it and took some guidance from my investor regarding what options do AskMe employees have apart from suicide. Suicide is not an option since a person will only put his/her family in financial and emotional troubles is they take their life.

Legal Action

I consulted Retwik Kumar Mukherjee, Founder & Legal Consultant – . Retwik says all 4K employees need to form an association and send a legal notice to the company. If the salaries are not dispersed then go ahead and take criminal action for cheating & fraud, lodge a complaint with labor commissioner, initiate a money suit, winding up u/s 433 & 433 of the Company law and class action with NCLT .

This complaint should be lodged against the management, the entire C level executives, and the investors. All these stakeholders are responsible for the salaries.

The only lacuna in this process is that roughly it can take 1- 5 years for the case to come to a verdict. But this is the AskMe employees hard earned money and this should not be written off.

When asked Retwik for advice to the AskMe employees, he said “At the outsets, these issues may get resolved if there is a collective approach to those who held the helm of the business. However if there is no remedy then acting as a team will be economical and efficient to resolve the issues.”

Management Buyout

Astro Holdings did not agree to this but logically speaking, with this option Astro can get back their investment. While the management can pay off existing due salaries with funding from a new investor. Every product is good but it depends on the person who runs it.

Employees run the show

Manager level team can approach Astro Holdings asking them to pay salaries in return of new management formed from the 4K employees. Astro spent millions in AskMe for the name. Thanks to Ranbir Kappor advertisements people know the brand. The only factor missing is how to monetize the brand. A great man like JRD Tata would always listen to mid and bottom level employees to know the root cause. Similarly a new team formed from the roots can definitely take this brand to new heights.

Look for new investor

1 Tweet from each employee can generate 4K Tweets. What if 4K tweets were sent to 1 investors? Don’t you think they will respond? A new investor can take over the AskMe brand, pay salaries and run the business to his/her goals.

Spread the word of injustice

We received N number of Tweets regarding help from IndianCEO. All Indian media combined can spread the work of AskMe employees’ injustice.

Catch hold of management

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Catch Sanjiv Gupta and make him answer for the 4K employees’ salaries.

I hope these methods will help AskMe employees to get back their salary. IndianCEO is supporting the fight for salary and we always write the truth.

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